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Thursday, June 14, 2007

HowTo : Flickr from your Nokia N70 phone

You have to know about by now : it is one of the most successful online photo management and sharing applications (others include shutterfly, snapfish, photobucket or Kodak EasyShare Gallery). They recently partnered with so that you can upload your photos to Flickr straight from your phone, provided it is a supported device and you have a web access. Check it out !

The world inside the windowThanks to a recent promotional offer from my network operator, I have been able to play a lot with my new N70 for the last few months : 39€ for this device was a good deal I think. And, as I already have a Flickr account, I was thrilled to try this new feature. Alas, only the N70 Music Edition is supported. End of the game.

But wait, are these two editions so different that this (seemingly) small application can run on one an not on the other ? I could not believe it, and I was right. So here is the (yet) undocumented way to set up your N70 :

  1. Get the "Online share software". That is the piece of software that comes bundled with the Music Edition of the phone. As it is quite tricky to find, here are two links : Nokia Europe or Nokia Asia.
  2. Install it on your phone.
  3. Follow the instructions for the N70 Music Edition. The only difference here lies in step 1 : instead of "Options" → "Open Online Service", read "Options" → "Send" → "Web upload".

Well, this one was easy, right ? Enjoy !

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