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Friday, July 27, 2007

My IDE is hot

I know I am a bit late to join this debate, but :

  • I was new at my job at the time. After a few years spent in a few french companies, I was obviously not quite used to the internet as it had become since I left college, and I must admit I was as close as could be to miss the web 2.0 buzz. This blog was a longshot then.
  • July has only 3 full days left, and I realize it looks like my last oppurtunity to post something this month...
  • After I had this casual conversation with our new intern where I stated half jokingly that there was nothing wrong for a developer to keep the default Fisher-Price-like Windows XP theme (except that it looked rather unprofessional ;-), he set himself to tweak the colors, not only of his system, but also of his Visual Studio syntax coloring ! This reminded me of Jeff Atwood's old post.

So here it is :

Having been raised with a DOS Turbo Pascal environment, I got used to the theme. When I switched to Microsoft tools, I tried to create something close, but with a darker background, which I find more resting. You can download the settings here. I have also posted it on Ning (where you might want to rate it).

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