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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Want You

As falls is approaching, so is "le vent d'Autan", this powerful wind that blows in the southern part of France and is also known as "le vent des fous" because of its alledged ability to drive people crazy. And I have this strange feeling that this year it will blow in a much larger area than usual. I can hear its whispers more discernably every day, through the voice of its goddess who is preparing the release of her new album with new singles, remixes and videos.

I am writing about the deliciously insane (insanely delicious ?) Róisín Murphy, who releases her new single on october 8th. Have a good look (and hear) at this video and please Let Me Know if I am somewhat delirious :

Still sensible ? Get out of your mind with Overpowered, the first single to precede the release of Overpowered, the album, due on october 15th 

I can still remember vividly the night I saw her illuminate Paris. It was like

To dance around the fire
On the night of the dancing flame
To make the flame grow higher
In the light of the dancing flame

Róisín, the city of light needs you. And so do I.

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