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Friday, November 16, 2007

Near life experience

Times have been tough in the last two months as I immersed myself into work, mainly for bad reasons. I had to effectively close my mind to the world as I focused on my only objective : deliver software. That is why I stopped, among other things, writing in this blog. Not because I took it as a distraction, but because of this giant black hole that sucked all my energy. And you can add a bit of seasonal depression to the mix to make a very inert cocktail.

To which I now know the antidote. The show laid down in front of me (and the rest of the audience) this week by Róisín Murphy was so intense visually as well as musically, so professional and yet so natural, so energetic and still so poetic at the same time that she got me out my cave. Perhaps not in the Primitive sense, but still.

As I am getting my life back, bit by bit, I forked this blog to create another one, destined as a place to express my views and relate my experience in the field of software development. This one will remain what it has evolved into. Think of it as a Pandora's box.

Thank you so much, Róisín. Please keep on being.

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