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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Treat Me Like A Woman

I learned today that Lesley Douglas, the head of popular music at the BBC, suggested that (full article here) :

men "tend to be more interested in the intellectual side of music", while their female counterparts' relationship with the art form is one rooted in emotion.

That may be just too stereotypical, a common gender prejudice. But as far as I know, there might as well be something relevant about this point of view. In which case I would have to admit that I am a woman, though I bet (and certainly hope) most of you would not find out at first sight (except perhaps for my long hair and my very occasional wearing of high heel shoes). And if so, you you would not guess as well that I am black, due to my strong preference for low frequencies (also known as "bass").

I can live with that. What I find amazing is that some people can be interested in the "intellectual side of music". Music is emotion. The "intellectual side of music" is not music ; it is something that can be of some help when joining a discussion between erudite scholars (no harm intended, I like to join those sometimes).

Close your eyes, open your heart : this is where music starts. You are invited to open your mouth, provided it is not to discuss anything but to produce some kind of harmonious sound...



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